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Saturday, August 16, 2008

We Are All Needy People

Several of my friends are facing difficult times at the moment.
One lady, a few years younger than I had to move her mother to an assisted living facility recently.
One of our Drama Team members has been concerned about his elderly father's health issues. The father has been in the hospital and extended care for about a month.
An elderly friend is moving her and her husband back to their home state due to his dementia.
One lady had cancer, took treatments, was told "Cancer free" after two tests. She developed symptoms of something, it was given a name. Recently, her husband took her to the hospital and found out the doctors had 'misdiagnosed' her. They are going for a third opinion and await yet another test specific to her original illness.
A personal friend has dealt with symptoms of a chronic disease/disorder for close to a year without receiving a firm diagnosis. Her husband's state of well-being continues to deteriorate since late last summer.
An older couple has gone through the illness and loss of one of their granddaughters.
These are just a few of the needs I am aware of in my faith community. The important thought here is these are PEOPLE OF FAITH. They believe God will see them through.
And, I too believe HE WILL.

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  1. Hi -

    There are so many hurting people out there. When my husband was diagnosed with leukemia, I started an email update to keep everyone informed. We soon began taking prayer requests from others.

    After he passed away, many people asked me to continue the update/prayer list. The list reaches approximately 140 people across the U.S. and Canada.

    Thank you for posting these requests. I'm sure these folks appreciate it, and I know many will lift them up in prayer.

    Susan J. Reinhardt


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