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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Consider Peter's Prayer

Read (Matthew 14)

Peter and the other disciples were in a boat crossing the Sea of Galilee. A storm came up, surprising them. Out of nowhere, Jesus appeared, walking across the lake. Jesus told them not to fear and yes, it was Him. Peter, still doubting, tells Jesus to prove that it’s Him by asking him, Peter, to join Him. Jesus said, “Come.” He watched as Peter ventured out of the boat. Peter’s concentration broke when he looked at the wind. He began to sink into the water. “Lord, save me.” Peter cried out. This cryptic prayer quickly got answered as Jesus stretched out his arm to Peter.
As a child of God, some of my prayers are like Peter’s, an SOS for help. Peter’s prayer comes out of fear. Like Peter, I too have my moments of fear. It is in these times, I need a quick connection to Jesus. Peter’s prayer also comes from helplessness. He couldn’t do anything to get himself out of the fix he had gotten into. We also get ourselves into situations we can’t handle or remedy on our own. We, like Peter, cry out, “Lord, save me.” Or “Lord, help me.” We even cry out, “Lord, help them.” Jesus heard Peter’s short prayer; He also hears my short prayers. And I am thankful He does.

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