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Saturday, September 27, 2008

"Have You Prayed About It?"

Have you ever worried about an issue only to find yourself getting sick? All of us are susceptible to this consequence. You know what I mean. The list of these illnesses runs from migraine headaches, to eye twitch, to soreness in the backbone, to upset stomach and its aftermath. Sometimes we find ourselves so emotional we cry and cry for a long time.

Children of God have a resource to combat these illnesses. He even taught us how to use it. Jesus modeled it for us. It’s called prayer.

We don’t utilize prayer enough. People need to pray first. If we would pray about a need or a circumstance in our lives when they begin to be in our lives, we would have the strength to withstand the force of anything this world could put in our path.

The Apostle Paul tells us to ‘pray about everything’. (Phil. 4:6) He also says we should be ‘faithful in prayer.’ (Rom. 12:12) Even when he and Silas were imprisoned, they were ‘praying and singing hymns to God’. (Acts 16:25)

This is our Christian heritage. We should continue the practice of our Spiritual ancestors and pray. It also behooves us to pray first, before things overwhelm us.

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