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Monday, December 8, 2008


(Matthew 1:18-25)

Joseph--a carpenter in Nazareth kept his eye on a young girl named Mary. When he felt the time appropriate, he spoke to her father about marriage. Mary’s father conveyed Joseph’s request for her hand in marriage to his wife. Joseph departed their home very happy--they blessed the betrothal.
A short time later, Mary journeyed to Judea to visit her family’s relative, Elizabeth. Mary stayed there three months. Upon her return to Nazareth, she and Joseph had a long talk. Joseph learned his beloved Mary was with child.

This news confused him. The law said they were to go through a one-year engagement--a time of chasteness. Also it set out a severe punishment if the couple or even if just the woman violated the rule. The woman would face being stoned. But he loved Mary. He was a righteous man. He thought about quietly breaking the engagement.

One night, as Joseph slept, an angel appeared to him. The angel told Joseph the child Mary carried was a child conceived by the Holy Spirit. He chose to obey the angel and stay engaged to Mary.

While in Bethlehem, Joseph again saw an angel. The angel forewarned him of the danger awaiting them if they returned to Nazareth. This time the angel instructed Joseph to take his tiny family and flee to Egypt.

In a few short months Joseph received guidance from God’s angel two times. Both of these times he obeyed the heavenly messenger, thereby protecting the Christ Child and Mary.

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