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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Angels, the Message Bearers

(Luke 1:26-33, Matthew 1:20-22 Luke 2:8-14)

God chose his angels to carry the good news of Christ’s birth to the people of Judea.

The angel Gabriel visited Mary, a young girl from a poor family. The news he shared with this young girl was the first word from God in 400 years .There had been no prophets, no angels, nothing. And now an angel appeared to the most unlikely person--a young peasant girl.

An angel appeared to a confused Joseph in a dream. This heavenly visitor told him the child his fiancée carried was from the Holy Spirit. The visitor also instructed him as to his role in this child’s life and even told this lowly carpenter the name chosen for the Holy child.

On the night of Jesus’ birth, an angel came to the shepherds. The heavenly being spread light all over the dark field where the shepherds tended their flocks. The angelic words comforted the hearers. He told of the birth of the Christ child in the nearby town of Bethlehem. A great host of angels, praising God, filled the dark winter sky

Angels --God’s message bearers--carried the good news to the principles in the story. Mary didn’t know how to react at first. But she finally surrendered to God’s will.

The angelic visit to Joseph changed the course he would follow in this chain of events. The angel and the heavenly host gave a special blessing to the shepherds on that wondrous night so long ago. God chose them to be the first to hear the good news of Christ’s birth.

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