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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Blessed Are The Merciful. . .

For They Will Be Shown Mercy

We don’t always practice extending mercy to our neighbors, friends and family members. In the 21st Century we want those who hurt us to suffer the gravest consequences. We want them to go through the worst punishment possible.

Jesus, our Lord, taught us that, if we have compassion in dealing with others, we will receive compassion. Could it be that we will receive compassion from our God and also from our fellow man while we are still here on earth. We, as societies, have a lot to learn and then repent of.

Jesus looked onto the crowd of 5,000 in Mark 6:34 and had compassion on them. He preached to them. Then he fed them. In Mark 8:2 he told his disciples about the 4,000 having been with Him for three days with nothing to eat.. He also told the disciples he had compassion on them because of this.
Sometimes all we need to see who needs our mercy and compassion are the eyes of Jesus.

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