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Mission Statement: Quiet Spirit writes for those who seek a closer relationship with God.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Blessed Are The Pure In Heart. . .

For They Will See God.

Pure- uncontaminated, not containing any mix of evil.
Heart- one’s inner being.

Purity of heart--transparency--authenticity, no matter what we call it, is by and large a rarity in the world today.

If we have bent the rules to our advantage, looked the other way when a disservice has been done to another and encouraged those behaviors, we will be surprised when we are called to account for how we managed our lives. We see the Golden Rule fractured in our 21st Century society. As I originally wrote this, one of our President’s nominees chose to withdraw from the process due to his oversight in conducting his personal business. A lot of Americans were angry about discovering he had neglected to perform a task basic to our way of life. While we were appalled when the error came to light, we know he did the right thing in withdrawing his name.

For those of us who keep their inner being uncontaminated by the world, a promise is made to them. They will see God.


  1. Pure in heart.

    Like water purified by it's upward struggle through the rocks of the earth to break through the crust as a fountain. Crystal clear, sparkling, refreshing, life giving, pure, clean water.

    Thank you, Quiet Spirit.

    Grace & Peace,


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