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Friday, March 27, 2009

Cleansing the Temple

(John 2:13-17;Matthew 21:12-17)

It was late in the day. He had come into Jerusalem, greeted by a jubilant crowd. He arrived at the Temple. Those in the crowd followed behind Him and awaited His next movement.

Jesus stepped into the Court of the Gentiles and looked around. He slowly passed into the Court of Women, then entered the Court of Men. The Teacher stepped into the Inner Court with caution. He watched in silence as the Priest accepted offerings from some; rejecting sacrifices from others. Those whose gifts weren't accepted left only to return shortly with ones more acceptable.

He wearily bowed His head in shame. Jesus knew He needed the Father's fellowship and guidance. The Master had not spoken since he entered the outer court. His heart broke when He saw the goings-on in the name of the Father.

As He departed the Temple His thoughts were,”Is it for these I was sent? Is it for these I must die?”

The next day Jesus returned to the Temple and cleared out those who had desecrated his Father's house.

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