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Friday, March 13, 2009

Consider The Crucifixion

(Luke 23:1-25)

Reflection on this passage and the movie, “The Passion of The Christ” makes me feel very humble. Jesus never veered from the course set for Him. He endured the worst treatment known to man and yet He asked the Father to forgive those who lied about Him and those who had to carry out the orders.

He did all this for us! No one willingly dies for another, yet He did that for you and me.

It was prophecy being fulfilled—Jesus had to die. God worked out the scenario in a unique way. It was necessary for Jesus to go through this; it was God's plan. Jerusalem and the known world had to be redeemed. Yet, Jesus did this voluntarily. Jesus' sacrifice was triumphant; God won out and it was tragic—it cost His life The Father had pre-ordained it—the Old Testament prophecies tell of the story.

Also, it seemed unjust—Jesus Christ was without sin; yet just—there was no other way for God to reach His children. The whole experience caused Jesus' work on earth to be finished; and yet the work was ongoing because Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to guide those who would believe then and for all time.

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