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Monday, March 16, 2009

The Christ

He came as a baby, born to a poor carpenter and a very young woman. His earthly father, a carpenter trained him in the skills of wood crafting. At the age of 12, He sat in the temple listening to the religious leaders. When his earthly parents found Him. He told them, “I have to be about my Father's business.”

At about 30 years old, He became an itinerant preacher. His cousin baptized Him. Then the adversary tempted him for 40 days. As he began his ministry, He chose 12 men to follow Him. Those those disciples believed He would establish an earthly kingdom.

Every time He spoke to a crowd, the religious leaders became afraid. These priests decided He had to die.

One disciple, a non-Galilean, betrayed Him, leading the officials to the garden where He went to pray. Before dawn came, He was seen by the Chief Priest and the Roman governor, who ordered Him scourged.
The soldiers led Him and two common thieves out of the city to the place of the skull, called Golgotha. There he was hanged on a cross to die a criminal's death. During this ordeal, He took upon himself all of our sins—mine and yours.

He did this for us because of His mercy and great love for us.

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