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Mission Statement: Quiet Spirit writes for those who seek a closer relationship with God.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

In the Presence of God

God's children find themselves in His presence each day. We hear of a friend's need and we pray with them. We, ourselves, face a trial; seek counsel from someone knowledgeable. Then we realize our need to approach the Mighty Counselor.

We allow Him to take over. We find ourselves more relaxed and able to think. Then we realize we aren't as worried about the circumstances and we are able to perform the tasks needed to reach the goal before us.

The telephone rings. The voice on the other end tells us some sad news. His wife has just left this earth for heaven. He's alone there in the home. We tell him we will be over in a minute. We tell our spouse and head out the door, crossing the street, an oncoming car has to slow down.

We ask if we can make any of the necessary phone calls for him. Basically we sit and wait with him until the hospice nurse arrives. In the mean time, their oldest son comes through the back door a couple of minutes ahead of your spouse. A lady from their church comes in a few minutes later.
During these times you feel God's presence and you feel thankful for it.


  1. Each day, I face challenges, and He always comes through for me. I commit my ways to Him, and He gives me a gentle nudge in the right direction through His Word and the leading of His Holy Spirit.

    Oh, that I might be as faithful and loyal to Him as He is to me.

  2. The Lord sends us comfort so that we might comfort others with that same kind of comfort.

    Family, friends, neighbors, even strangers sometimes need our comfort,our courage, our care.

    Thank you, Jesus, for letting us minister to each other.



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