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Mission Statement: Quiet Spirit writes for those who seek a closer relationship with God.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Heaven Is Richer

Heaven is richer because Mark Shreves is there. While his family will miss him, we can rejoice that he’s with God. He loved his family. He always smiled when he saw his friends. If it had been a long while, he made you feel that it had been a few days since your last conversation.

Seeing him in church with his one granddaughter on his knee told me he was a happy man who enjoyed his family.

I picture Mark being let into Heaven and looking around and saying, “Wow, so this is my real home. It’s far more beautiful than I expected.”

Mark gets to talk to God, face to face. He tells Him about his wonderful family, his sweet mother and father, his darling wife, his children and his very delightful grandchildren.

Next he tells about the people at his church and how they loved him through these last 22 months. Mark tells God how he missed his family and asks the Father of us all to stay very close to them.

God then wraps His loving arms around Mark and says, “’You have fought the good fight.’ Welcome home.”

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  1. Hi Quiet Spirit -

    Thanks for the beautiful tribute to your friend. I know he will be missed.



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