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Mission Statement: Quiet Spirit writes for those who seek a closer relationship with God.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Honoring God

As I drove home one evening, I thought about honoring God. I remembered the ways we are to accomplish this command.

When we worship God we celebrate Him. Our focus is taken off of ourselves and placed on the Creator.

Our Praises recognize His action in our lives. We receive His blessings and we give praise.

We obey God’s Word and He sees it as a way we give Him respect.

Following God’s direction as He guides us through thorny issues, trials, and tribulations allows us to honor Him even when we feel we can’t.

We honor God when we do small things for those we meet. A smile, a ‘thank you’, helping a friend find where she is supposed to be, alerting people of a need for special prayers for a family who has suffered a loss. Being available to listen to someone in need. Opening a door for another person, male or female, healthy or impaired.

In all that we do we are to honor God.


  1. Hi Cecelia, You are right, we are ambassadors wherever we go. It was a blessing to read this post. Thanks and blessings,

  2. Thanks for the reminder. I have to remind myself of that from time to time when I have a dozen people lined up to talk to me - and I ask myself why on earth I ever set up this "open door" policy at work, especially when there are some folks (mostly not native speakers of English) who do not understand that "open" is an adjective, not a verb, and walk in on meetings, phone conversations, or other times when privacy is needed. But then, as I force myself to listen patiently, so many times I find that I really can help someone that likely God has sent my way -- and I say thank you to Him for helping me to listen when it is the last thing I want to do!


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