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Mission Statement: Quiet Spirit writes for those who seek a closer relationship with God.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Being Available to God

Show me your faith without deeds and
I will show you my faith by what I do.
James 2:18b NIV

I received an email from a dear friend who had relocated to the southeastern part of our nation. She had received disturbing news. Her only sister was diagnosed with Cancer. Tests have shown that the liver, pancreas, and lymph nodes are involved. My friend asked me to put her sister’s name on our church prayer chain. I found the note after the office closed. Knowing the closeness of these two sisters and loving them both, I spent time contacting the ladies I needed to reach.
Later that evening, I answered the phone to hear a local friend ask me to start the prayer chain for her niece. A woman in her mid 40’s exhibited signs of a heart attack. She had been taken to a hospital near her work. Later she was transported to a heart hospital.
They wanted to be sure what her problem was. Again, I made calls to people to start the prayers.
Now, the lady who lives in another state has known me for about 24 years. She relies on God to help her through her days. I feel honored she would ask me to do this favor for her. She is in her middle 80’s and has worked hard all of the time I have known her. Before her health dictated she slow down, she cleaned other people’s houses to have extra spending money. She had to quit this task when she was 2 months shy of 81. She had to learn to drive after her husband had a stroke over a year later. At one point in her life she was cleaning houses part of five days a week. She served as church treasurer at our former church for two years. She had been in charge of the kitchen for many years.

My local friend is a few years younger than I. Her husband dealt with Cancer in the mid 1980’s. They found the Lord about 22 years ago. He now has diabetes and a severe heart condition. Since I have known them she has worked in different jobs, mostly part time. She also was church treasurer at our former church.
My reason for sharing these thoughts is I believe we are Jesus’ hands and feet when we allow ourselves to be open to His call. We have to be available to work for Him. When we disciple new believers we should convey the fact that we are to reflect Christ while we dwell in this our temporary home.
If we don’t allow ourselves to be available for Christ, we might have a lot to ask forgiveness for.


  1. Your statement is so very true. I think sometimes we can be overwhelmed by what we think Christ must be asking of us. We think that our serivce to Him must be leading a church or serving abroad. We think seriving Him must be on a big scale or it doesn't count. But so many times, Christ is calling us to serve Him by serving those we love and those we come in contact with in our home, work or school. We must remember that Christ needs all of His churchs' hands and feet-whether they are reaching far or they are touching those close to us.
    Wonderful post.

  2. My signature in my email and blog is Surrendering to Him. I have it as that to help remind me daily to do just that. Surrender to His desires of me. I know I fail more than I follow, but I am trying to hear His guidance and direction.

    I will add your friends concerns to my prayers as well.


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