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Monday, October 19, 2009

"Why, Lord ?"

How often do we ask this question when we are new in the Christian walk? Do we ever not ask the question? Why or why not? Can we ask that question without God being disappointed?

Whenever a babe in Christ finds himself or herself facing situations they don’t understand. He or she will ask God ‘Why’. For instance, a new follower will pray for a friend who is ill. The friend continues to get worse. The young Christian doesn’t understand why her prayers aren’t answered.

Having been a practicing Christian for almost 40 years, I can say, “Yes, we do have times when we will ask God “Why?”. We have times where we don’t understand the reason we or our families have to go through tough times. A relative finds out she has Breast Cancer a second time. A friend’s youngest son has a positive attitude about beating his Cancer, lasting almost three times longer than most with that type of the disease. But, God takes him away anyway. These have been some of my ‘whys.’

Yet, there are times we don’t ask the question. Our faith carries us through. When we do ask the question, could it be God wants to take us to a new level of faith? The good news is we can ask our Lord why events do or don’t happen in our lives. The quandary is He may or may not answer.

He chose not to answer my many questions that began with “WHY” when I asked them about my relative. But He did allow us to spend a lot of time together and to become closer. When I inquired of the Father about my friend’s son, He did give me an answer. My friend’s son would have suffered quite a bit because the Cancer was everywhere in his body. God told me the Cancer didn’t take him.

We can ask this question without God becoming disappointed in us. He loves us and allows us to approach his throne with all our concerns and worries. God is a just person and has our ultimate welfare in mind as we muddle through times of uncertainty.

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  1. So true. I often think that when God doesn't seem to answer us, it's because we are incapable of understanding and all that can help us is to trust He's in control and His will is being done.


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