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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Our Patience

Rather, as servants of God, we commend ourselves

in every way: in great endurance; in troubles,

hardships and, distresses;2Corithians 6:4 NIV

People tell us we shouldn’t pray for it. Yet, patience is on of the fruit of the Holy Spirit. The thinking behind the advice is once we pray for it. God, in his authority, allows events into our lives that develop the patient attitude.

On Christmas day, I was typing away on my portable word processor. I was trying to finish my entries for this series of blog posts. My husband asked me to do something for him in the kitchen. I laid my word processor on the couch, at arms length from where I sat. When I came back the screen read “Do you want to clear file? Press (Y) for yes or (N) for no.”

Well, I didn’t read it correctly and I pushed the “Y” key. In essence, I wiped out six essays. I can’t even estimate how many hours of work. I was frustrated. I couldn’t remember the ones I had loaded onto my computer.

I accessed my word document and found I had 15 of them saved in word. I spent time taking the ones off that word document and creating those I hadn’t already into their own document. I had to approach this small speed bump calmly or I would’ve been a basket case. It has taken me a while to insure I have what I planned in my folder for this project. But, I did learn something in the process.

When we work for the Lord, we should strive to practice patience and some self-control as well. I am learning to rely on God’s Word to help me achieve and display a degree of patience.

Do any of you readers have a way to achieve patience in the face of emergency or personal disaster?

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  1. When my children were younger, one thing that motivated me to exhibit patience and self control was the example that I was showing to them. My desire went beyond appearances, though, and I asked the Lord to truly work in me. I cannot say that I have arrived, for I still have challenges with patience, but I am a work in progress, and am very thankful for His grace and patience with me.


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