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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Our Deliverance

“For he will deliver the needy who cry out,

The afflicted who have no one to help.”

(Ps 72:12 NIV)

When we sit in the midst of a snow storm. The weather creates issues about the safety of homes and the well-being of individuals who have to be out during this difficult time.

In re-reading a book I found and purchased at the grocery store, I ran across the scripture .The main character reflects on his childhood as he visits his birthplace after being away for four decades. During a remembrance of time spent with his paternal grandpa, the main character quotes the verse above.

I found myself caught up by the words. King David said it so many centuries ago. He (God) WILL come to the rescued of those who cry out to Him. He doesn’t say He might, or He should, David said He WILL, that’s a faith statement. But there is also a special group of people this verse singles out-the afflicted-the hurt, the oppressed, the lonely-those who have no one to help them.

We see this verse put into play as we see God move through the lives of those who call out to him. People caught in natural disasters, those hemmed in by personal trials, and individuals who realize their mistakes in life all have called out to God and asked for His help.

God answers the pleas of those who call. But when He answers, it is according to His plan. We don’t always get the answer we want-it might be yes, no, wait a while or God may choose to answer us in a way we don’t expect. He will respond in His time-not ours. But God WILL answer.***

We had two major snow storms back to back. After few ‘normal’ days, we await a third. A few days ago each of the lower 48 states had snow on the ground all at the same time. An historical first.

God has to answer prayers for our city’s school system. The plan the school board has decided upon will layoff all teachers with less than 12 years seniority. What bothers me is this. If a teacher has taught for 12 years, they might have young children and maybe student loans. In usual years, the administration sends out a quantity of pink slips and waits until it receives retirement requests before making final layoffs. I am concerned about those who will receive the final layoff notice, how many retirements will have to happen before those caught in this financial crunch will still have jobs.

All this cut back in school budgets is going on state-wide. Our governor mandated an across the board cutback of $300 million statewide. This seems to stem from the property tax ‘realignment’. Did people realize that the taxes they paid on their homes allowed the schools, and the libraries to provide education and quality materials for their children? Do these people complain when the roads and streets aren’t maintained?


Please guide us as we progress through these times. A lot of us want the right things done but we don’t really know what they are. We know You do and we trust in Your decisions about these issues.

In the name of Jesus, I pray. AMEN

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