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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Praying for God’s Will

Not my will, but what Thou wilt. Mark 14:36(KJV)

From time to time a prayer request comes to our ears that is so serious that we fell compelled to ask the requestor how he or she wants us to pray.

Usually, the word’s we hear are,” Pray for the Lord’s Will.” But have we ever analyzed what that means?

Praying for God’s Will means we pray unselfishly. We take ourselves out of the picture. The principals in the prayer become the Lord God and the subject of the request.

As we pray for God’s Will, we pray patiently. God works on His own time table. As human beings, we want things to happen right now. People are impatient by nature.

We pray obediently, when we pray to allow His Will for our lives or for those on our prayer lists. Jan Karon’s loveable character, Father Tim Cavanaugh, spoke often of the prayer that always gets answered. The prayer “thy will be done.”

When we pray in God’s Will we pray with confidence that our supplications are heard by God. Therefore we can pray expecting answer. However, we have to be spiritually mature enough to understand the possibility that God’s Will may not be the same as our will.


  1. Too true, but I know I find peace when I leave things in God's hands--whatever the result.

  2. You are right, Cecelia. I recall my husband going on a job interview. We prayed for God's will. He did not get the job. He was still disappointed. It came to me that maybe the other person applying for the job needed it more desperately than we did. Maybe they were in danger of losing their home. Maybe they had no other skills. We took comfort in that thought.


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