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Mission Statement: Quiet Spirit writes for those who seek a closer relationship with God.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


I recently won a prize at church. The children’s camping ministry had a baby picture contest. We go to vote on the cutest baby picture. They women in charge kept a tally of who was the most recognized, the least recognized, the one who correctly guessed the most pictures, and the cutest baby picture. I won for having the most recognized picture.

My prize was a kid’s bubble set soap, tray and wand and a blue ribbon with the word ‘outstanding’ on it. After I had lunch that Sunday, I took my prize and went outside and tried to enjoy it. Some thoughts came to me.

Bubble soap is transparent on the wand. Our hearts and souls are to be transparent in order for people to see Jesus in us.

When the bubbles form, they ride away on the breeze and disperse into the air. As we turn our problems over to God, they also float away and become His to deal with.

As the newly formed bubble rise in the breeze, I think of our prayer requests as they leave our hearts or our mouths and drift to God’s throne through our Intercessor, Jesus Christ.

I didn’t fare very well in my bubble-making session. The wand was a big circle with a recognizably shaped head for the different bubble formers. All I could get out of the wand was a few bubbles-usually one at a time.

If I keep my heart and soul transparent, others will be able to see Jesus in me. When I have issues, I have to allow God to work them out; it is up to me to turn them over to Him. I have to keep my heart in tune with God’s will for me in order for my prayer requests to float up to heaven for God to hear and answer.


  1. Congratulations on your prizes! Too bad the bubbles didn't work out, though.

    Insightful thoughts on Jesus. I try to be transparent and open.


  2. Good insights. It's interesting how simple things can show us so many truths.

  3. What a lovely illustration! I love when the ordinary becomes a learning point. Beautiful!
    And congratulations - it's always fun to win :)

  4. Hi Quiet Spirit -

    What fun! I get nostalgic every time I see a bottle of bubbles in the store.

    I love the way the Lord uses the simple things of life to teach us lessons.

    Susan :)


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