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Friday, July 29, 2011

Perfect Praise

Perfect Praise

“Seven times a day I praise you for your righteous laws.”

Psalm 119:164

We are not confined to praising our God just in the mornings or evenings. The scripture verse tells us we can praise Him when we are led to. The words say, “Seven times a day.” Let’s remember that seven is a perfect number.

When we take the time to praise our Lord, we are giving Him glory and honor due Him. Our praises place our hearts and souls at His feet and we give honor to Him for who He is as well as what He has done for us.

Not all times for praising the Lord are joyous; sometimes we have to look for the smallest glimmer of light to praise Him for. I have a friend whose sister has been a resident of a nursing home for close to a year. We know God is at work in this circumstance and we give praise for His deeds in the sister’s life.

Some of our praises are that God will bring us through a trial or a trouble. The news is bad but we can enter God’s presence and give it to Him. We give thanks for Him being there with us as we go through the steps to come out from under the burden we carry.

Across our side yard sits an empty house. At one time, this house had a very cute interior. The last family that lived there let it go back. It has sat empty for three years. Last summer, the yard was neglected and weeds took over. This year, there is a for sale sign in the yard. From time to time, I find myself praying for God to find the right family to live there. I need to praise Him in advance for working this out.


  1. This is true! A hard discipline to learn, for sure, but so important. I need this reminder frequently.

  2. Rhonda:
    Yes, it is a discipline. Yes, we all fail at times. But we have to persevere.
    Thank you for your thoughts.


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