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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Glenna H.-Divinely Healed

Our church has been blessed by having Glenna as a part of “Acting Up In Church”, it’s drama ministry. She contributed to the group with ideas and her willingness to help out where she could.

This past February, our son was relocating to another state. When we had a planning meeting in early January, I told the group that he was looking for work in other regions and I might need some help, if Hubby and I might be needed to help him. As it worked out, I directed the February skit. I asked Glenna to co-direct with me because, as things happened, our son did relocate that month. She was invaluable.

She did some research for our fundraiser, “Acts n Snacks”. She worked near a food service outlet that the ministry leaders had as possible avenues for getting our snacks and. Another time, she handed me some notes she took after she had heard something on the radio. She thought it would make a great skit and had me write it.

The drama ministry will not forget her. We will be performing the short play she inspired in September. There are other ways the troupe will remember her in the future.

She learned to crochet and to knit by attending the church’s craft club. She had some yarn with her one day. I commented on the fact that the color was my favorite-teal. A few weeks later, she handed me a gift wrapped package. When I got home I opened it, inside was a teal broomstick lace scarf that she had made. I intend to wear it to her services later today.

As the church family was going through paying their respects to Bob E.’s family (see 8/13 entry), we received word that Glenna developed a complication from a surgical procedure she had undergone that morning. A short while after I received word of the added problem, I called to tell a friend I was going to be gone for a while and she could reach me on my cell phone. My friend was in tears. “Glenna didn’t make it.”

As I look back on her brief illness, four weeks since the diagnosis of Lung Cancer, I remember wondering how she would withstand the treatments. I reflected on my step-mother and what the treatment doctor told her. I also remembered a neighbor of a friend who had taken treatment in the 1980s and how, ten years later, she had gone through some serious illnesses that some thought stemmed from her receiving too much of the element in her treatment.

God spared Glenna from the possible sickness that can come with the treatments.

We don’t always understand why He chooses to take someone from us but He has his reasons. We have to remember God sees the big picture while we see a small segment, maybe just a pixel.

Everyone who had the privilege of knowing her has their own ‘Glenna story’ to remember her by. She was such an addition to any group she was in.

Yes, we will all miss Glenna. She loved the Lord. I’m sure she is sitting at Jesus’ feet and telling Him about each person in her life.

She has joined that great cloud of witnesses and will be watching over us. And when our time comes to enter Heaven, she will be there, arms wide open, to welcome each one of us.

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