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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Special Request for Prayer

 One of the ladies at church has a son who will receive a bone marrow transplant next month. He has been ill since his senior year of high school. He is 25 years old. His name is Clint Sheward and he has a rare form of Leukemia. He will be undergoing preparation for the transplant starting the Thursday before Thanksgiving, November 17. His mother told m e she thought the actual transplant would take place on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, November 29. All medical procedures have been/ will be done at the Cleveland Clinic. It is a miracle that they found a donor. His sister wasn’t a match and they had to go to the marrow registry in order to find one. My request is that you pray for Clint and his family. He and his mother will be away from home for at least three months. Also please pray for the donor and his family as well.

Acting Up In Church became very interested in this young man when Lora, his mother and a friend of hers came into the Sanctuary to pray at the altar one Saturday in early September. At that time they didn't have a donor. His sister wasn't a match. Lora couldn't be a match because she had Cancer herself, a few years ago. We prayed with her and her friend.

Some of Clint's friends put together a benefit fundraiser to help the family with expenses. Two and a half weeks ago that event took place.  They had a motorcycle ride, a chili lunch, later they had a euchre tournament, and a band. Throughout the whole day they had items( about a dozen gifts) on display for a raffle. They also had a 50/50 raffle, actually they had two drawings on this. Seven of us from Acting Up had lunch more or less together that day. (One man came late and some of us stayed and sat with him while he ate.)

Lora and her family would appreciate any prayers they might receive about this procedure and the pre transplant time as well as the post transplant time.


  1. I will pray for Clint. A former co-worker's wife had this surgery several years ago, and she is doing very well now. The great thing is, her donor was a man who felt like a failure, never having accomplished much in life. Saving this young mother's life gave him significance, and changed his view of himself. God did a double miracle!

  2. Jeanette:
    Thank you. They received one miracle already- having a donor. They won't know for a year who the person is- and only if both Clint and the donor agree to the disclosure.

  3. My prayers are with Clint and the families involved. Bless you for sharing this.


    Jennifer Brown Banks

  4. Cecelia,
    I will pray for him and for the donor. My friend had a bone marrow transplant over 10 years ago. She's doing great. I pray that will be an encouragement to the family.
    What a joy that through technology the word can spread and this young man will be covered in prayer by people he's never met and may never will.

  5. I'm praying for Clint, his family, and the donor. It's such a blessing that a donor was found! May God bless him with a long and healthy life!

  6. Ahh, I'm sorry to hear this. I will pray for God's healing hand to be laid upon him.

  7. I will pray, Cecelia. A friend of ours had this done about ten years ago and he is doing very well.

  8. Jennifer: Thank you for your thoughts.

    Susan: I appreciate your sharing about your friend.

    Tonya: Yes, it was a blessing. His sister wasn't a match. His mother couldn't be tested because of her history of Cancer. His father died several years ago. We praised God for this answer to prayer.

    Rhonda: I know his family appreciates your prayers.

  9. Karen: I keep hearing of the good results from this procedure. For that I am thankful. Thank you for your caring.


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