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Mission Statement: Quiet Spirit writes for those who seek a closer relationship with God.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Small Group Prayers

“For where two or three come together
in my name, there I am with them.”
 Matt 18:20 (NIV)

This verse gives me pause. Jesus states that all it takes is two or three meeting for His purpose for Him to be present.

Where could some people meet and Jesus be among them?

            ●At a restaurant- people bow their heads and say grace before their meal.
            ●At a funeral home- people who attend calling hours silently pray for the                                          bereaved family and their close friends.
            ●At any gathering of friends- a going-away party, a graduation open house, a                                   baby shower.
            ●In a hospital room- a visitor will pray for the patient and his or her family.
            ●At a board meeting- I serve on the board of a faith based nonprofit. We ask God                            to be in our meetings and to guide us as we make decisions.
            ●Christians have the privilege of asking God to be with them no matter the size of                           the group-he says, ‘two or three’.

            As I write this I am thinking about the Relay for Life gathering in our town. The Relay will be the end of next week. It’s a walk-a-thon to create awareness of Cancer and to honor those who have survived this disease. A friend of mine—a five plus year survivor of Breast Cancer—and her son—a recent bone marrow transplant patient – will be attending. I said I would be there to support them but I have to take one day at a time. People who have family going through Cancer or who go through the treatments themselves rely on the prayers of others.


  1. Opportunities are everywhere, aren't they? It's good to be mindful of and act on them.

    1. Karen:
      A friend's father-in-law passed this week. The gentleman and his wife are of a different faith. As I stood there holding the widow's hand, I felt the need to pray for her but I really didn't know how she would react to my prayer. I told her my friend I was there with and I would be praying for her.

  2. Our Relay for Life rally was last weekend, and it was well-attended. I hope you are able to go!

    1. Jill:
      At this point, I am not sure. Physical issue has come back into the picture. Thanks for your encouragement.


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