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Monday, July 9, 2012

Rejoice In the Lord RJD # 15

               I am slowly getting back into the swing of things with this new computer. Please continue to bear with me.

Rejoice Always—

            At a new birth—a new life

            When a believer dies—a new home in heaven

            At a graduation—a new phase of life

            At a salvation experience—a new heart

            At a wedding—a new life together

            At a promotion—a step forward in a career

            When a neighbor moves—a bigger home, a place closer to work
            When we celebrate any of the above events we are happy for the ones who receive these things. The one exception is when a believer dies. Friends and family miss their loved one but they know the absent one is with God.

           As believers, we should look for the hand of God in all events. It may take a lot of studying of circumstances to learn to rejoice in the Lord always.

 As I transcribed this entry into my NEO, I realized I am not always to the point of rejoicing always. I have a friend who is having health issues. She has a history that causes her to fear having anything done surgically. I understand her concern. I also am aware how serious it would be for her if she doesn’t get these issues seen about. I want to rejoice with her when she makes the decision that God deems best for her.
When our son relocated because he found work, many people asked me how I felt about it. I rejoiced he found work. Jobs are scarce where we live. God heard our prayers and found him the best job for him. 


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  1. Thank you for this reminder. I too, don't always remember to rejoice. I am easily swamped by circumstances sometimes. God is good all the time, and I need to go about my day with rejoicing in mind.

    Thanks and blessings,

    1. I thank you for your comment. After the morning I had, I went into headache mode.I was not rejoicing about having to try repeatedly to contact a person via the telephone. I also made about three calls to another lady connected to the organization I needed to contact. I finally asked the lady if could do as she offered and drop it by her home. Then the headaches began. I spent part of the afternoon reading and sleeping. I should have been rejoicing that the lady was sweet about the whole thing. Even offered some reasons why no one was available to answer my call.


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