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Monday, November 19, 2012

Blessed by Music

Count Your Blessings Month

“Praise the LORD.

Praise God in his sanctuary

Praise him in his mighty heavens.

Let everything that has breath praise the LORD”

Psalm 50:1, 6 (NIV)


It has been said that music soothes the savage breast. Can we say that hymns to God soothe believer’s hearts? What about the Gospel songs? What about the praise choruses?

A saintly woman of the church explained the difference between a hymn of the church and a gospel song. The former is a song sung to God, while the latter is a song sung about God. As I understand the concept of praise and worship choruses, they help us to prepare our spirits for the act of worship.

I believe that hymns, gospel songs, and praise choruses each bring our hearts and minds to a place of worship and adoration or initiate a change in our hearts.

People have their favorite style of Christian music. In our church’s two Sunday morning worship services, we have a blending of hymns of the church, modern hymns, and praise choruses.

I find a lot of theology in the music of the church. A few years ago, I attended a Holy Week service at one of our sister churches. One of the hymns selected for the evening was unknown to me. The music was written in the 1600s, a very unfamiliar tune. As I listened to the words of each verse, a story unfolded-a beautiful story about Christ and what He had done for us. I re-learned a great lesson.

Do you have a favorite hymn for this time of year? I think you can guess what mine is.


  1. I love all kinds of music, but my favorite is pure worship, where we only sing to God and adore Him. My favorite one at this time of year is, "Give Thanks."

    1. Jeanette: Thank you for stopping in today. Since I read your comment in my inbox, the words of "Give Thanks" have echoed through my ears. My favorite one this time of year is "Count Your Blessings". We sang it yesterday at church.

  2. Amen to giving thanks for music! There's such power, rest, joy, happiness, and downright fun in it.

    It's a gift, for sure.

    1. Rhonda:
      Thank you for stopping by. I have always loved to hear good Christian music. I believe there will be music in heaven.
      I am getting ready to go serve Thanksgiving dinner to our community at our church. It's a memorial dinner to a man who came to our church and, by his presence, taught us all how to serve one another and God.

  3. I adore hymns! Thanks for your comments. I love both "Give Thanks" and "Count Your Blessings". My favorite is the Doxology - Praise God from whom all blessings flow.."

    1. Dottie:
      Thanks for stopping in. I believe the Doxology has been sung in each church I have been in since I was a child. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


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