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Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Departure From Usual Posts


It finally happened. My writing email account got hacked. I opened that account to see what I needed to read and respond to. Well, I received emails from a lady at church, another  in Rhode Island, yet another in South Africa and one in Canada. One in Tennessee advised me to change my password.These are the ones I remember.

I couldn't get into my account information on line. That's another story for the future.

I had to telephone my ISP.I got the privilege of taking to three different real (98.6) people. The last person was a man working on the 'second tier'.  He had to explain to me that the company has a policy of blocking all outgoing emails on a hacked account for 24 to 48 hours. We finally got my password changed. This was nerve racking enough without Hubby standing in the background telling me we had to go to the store and then keep an appointment.

Our appointment went well. Then we went to eat. Later, I logged in to the hacked account and read the messages. Just a while ago, I decided to check my personal account. I saw where the hacker has sent something to me from me. It looked as if I was hacking my own account. :)

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