Friday, November 22, 2013

Eucharisteo-His Grace

“. . . justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus.”

                                                                                  Romans 3:24(NIV)

From time to time, we, as God’s children, receive gifts from Him. These are truly gifts because we haven’t asked for them.
God gives those who love Him in return special attention because of His great love for those children. We call this great love grace. It is so special that song writers can only write about it using words like wonderful, greater, marvelous, and indescribable.

As we progress through our Christian walk, we learn the degree of how special God’s grace is to us. When He grants grace to us, God gives us something we don’t deserve-a gift. When He grants us mercy, God withholds something we do deserve.  Both these actions are done at the Lord God’s discretion-he chooses to grant what he gives us.

Grace comes in many forms.One of my favorite forms is prevenient grace; He uses it to draw someone outside the arc of safety to Him. (. . . by grace, you have been saved). God extends grace to call a child he created to become one of His spiritual children.

I give thanks to God for his grace.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Eucharisteo- God’s Beauty

“’ Listen to this . . . stop and consider God’s wonders.’” Job 37:14 (NIV)

We see God’s beauty everywhere we look. It is apparent in each season of the year.
Right now, we are near the end of the autumn season. The broadleaf trees have changed color and some have shed their leaves. The bright reds, oranges, and yellows blend together for the splendor of the season.

The stark contrast of winter’s black and white have a beauty all its own. The white snow looks like a heavy woolen blanket covering the earth, keeping it warm, and allowing the winter wheat to germinate and eventually grow.

When spring awakens the earth, the crocuses poke their colorful heads through the earth and possibly a layer of snow. Next, the ground allows the grass to regain it’s natural verdant hue. A bit later, the yards are spotted with bright yellow of dandelions-not exactly a flower but small children love to pick them and present them to their mothers. This is followed by the presence of purple violets all over our yards. I know it is spring when I see violets in our back yard.

Summer is a delightful season. Most people look forward to the relaxed atmosphere of the year. We Americans like to celebrate Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day. May brings college graduations, while June brings high school graduation. June has also been known to be the month for weddings.

Seeing the fields of corn, soy beans, and wheat mature throughout the summer causes me to respect the farmers who work such long days in the fields at harvest time. The bounty of the fruit and vegetables make us thankful each time we sit down to our mealtimes.

The beauty of God’s earth presents us with reason to praise Him during each season of the year.


Monday, November 18, 2013


his is the day that the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it.” Psalm 118:24


God makes each day distinct from the others.  
He has His own secret recipe for each one. He allows things to happen that he intends to use as a away to draw us closer to Himself.

Our job is to rejoice, to be full of joy that God is in each day, walking beside us. Sometimes God allows something into our lives that we don’t understand or is an action we have to take that hurts us or someone close to us.

I find myself repeating the focus verse every morning as I try to get up for the day. Right now fibro and seesawing temperatures seem to play havoc with my muscles and joints. But once I get my mind set on what the day can be, I am ready to rise and face that day.

When I typed my first draft for this entry, I reflected on a phone call I received. I have friends who are going through a life-changing event. After 30 years, a family-owned small business has to close its doors.  I have known these people for 28 of those years. When the wife called me and told me, she could barely keep from crying. I was able to talk to her about what happened and why our depressed economy is still with us.

This business is located about two blocks from our home. We pass by or near it almost every time we leave our house. I always say a sentence prayer as I pass it. Two men work there—the owner and their son-in-law, both Christian men.  I will continue to pray for them during this time of transition and afterward.

Dear Father God: Thank you for giving me the verse to start my days. Help those who have weighty issues they are working through. Continue to be there for them. I rejoice in the fact that You love us and give us so many gifts to guide us through each day.

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