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Mission Statement: Quiet Spirit writes for those who seek a closer relationship with God.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Authentic in Nature

“Who, being in very nature God, did not consider equality
 with God something to be grasped,” Philippians 2:6 (NIV)
            Jesus chose not to boast that He was God’s Son. He went about what He was supposed to do while on Earth. Jesus didn’t laud it over the ones He met.

            I worked with a lady who had earned a doctorate in education and could have insisted that she be called ‘Doctor’ but she introduced herself with her first name. She had been in education before she took the job at the library. Her advanced degree studies were in reading education. If you didn’t see her name tag, you didn’t know she possessed three earned degrees. She knew her job, did it well, and was likable as a person.

            We see people who wish to be treated as regular, in spite of their advancements. Some pastors answer to their title; some seem comfortable being called by their first name. A friend once told me that pastors were people who had a calling from God but were just like us in all other ways. I had a counselor who possessed a PhD who told me to call him by his given name. I felt comfortable with him. He put on no airs.

            In walking through our world, we want to appear genuine to those we meet. We try to do this in ways that don’t burden those we are trying to get to know. Coming from a background that is difficult for me to talk about, I prefer not to tell all my deep feelings about things in my past. But I try to be pleasant and understanding of other people’s situations.

            As children of God, we are not exempt from the travails of this life. We should always try to realize that we are no different than the next person we meet on the street, in the stores, or at the doctor’s office.

            In the late 1960s there was a television comedian who had a one line thought that seemed to bring a lot of laughs. He’d look into the camera and say, “What you see is
what you get.” As I reflect on his words, I realize this phrase of his sums up the idea of authenticity in a way that makes it clear that we are to be transparent before all we meet.


  1. This is a good challenge. It can be hard to be transparent (and this, I think, takes wisdom, too), but I find that I trust someone who isn't afraid to let others see their imperfections. It's hard to relate to someone who's "perfect."

  2. Rhonda: I am reading a book that deals with moral absolutism versus moral relativism. What we have to realize is that no one is perfect and that we all have imperfections. I will be reviewing this book later.

  3. What you see is what you get... simplest way to live :)

    1. Marja:This is so true. I wish for you to have a nice weekend.

  4. Hi Cecelia! I think that sometimes titles bring us comfort, and sometimes they act like a wall. I agree that we should be seen as people, as a fellow child of God. That's the only title we ever really need.

    Hope your shoulder is improving!

    1. Ceil: Your thought is comforting. God created us all and we should be thankful for all He does for us.
      My shoulder is improving. Last Tuesday was 'progress' day. The therapist took measurements of range and strength. I found out on Friday that I am where I should be on gaining range of motion and strength. I see the orthopedic doctor this week. Thank you for asking,

  5. Dear Quiet Spirit, the name you use, and the name of your blog, caught my eye as I was leaving a comment at another blog. I am on the lookout for kindred spirits in Blog Land. There are many such writers in the neighborhood, and I consider it a gift when God points me in their direction every now and then. Authentic - that's one of the character adjectives I have come to embrace in my walk. And I feel right at home with people who are, too. Here's one of my fave quotes: "Authenticity is a collection of choices that we have to make every day. It's about the choice to show up and be real. The choice to be honest. The choice to let our true selves be seen." - Brené Brown

    Blessings on your day... So glad I found you today.

    1. Crown of Beauty: Thank you for stopping in. Please feel free to stop in when you can. I usually post on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

  6. Hi Quiet Spirit -

    I know some great people, who are not afraid to be real. Their security is in Jesus not in the titles or honors bestowed upon them.

    Thanks for an excellent post. Sorry I've been away so long. Life threw me a curve when Mom broke her hip.


    1. Susan: Thank you for your warm thoughts. About your absence, we have to take care of ourselves and those dear to us. I went through times like that with my dad,stepmother, hubby, and our son. God will help you through these days.


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