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Monday, May 12, 2014

Sing Songs of Praise

Is any of you in trouble? He should pray.
Is anyone happy? Let him sing songs of praise.”
Jas. 5:13 (NIV)

James shares with his readers the secret to conquering trouble and disappointment; we are to pray. He also tells those same readers how they, and we, can rejoice when happiness is in the heart.
We sometimes forget to pray until we have exhausted every other avenue of dealing with a circumstance. We find ourselves praying after we have worn ourselves out with worry. We should pray first and pray until something happens {PUSH.}
From time to time, I wake with a praise song or a hymn going through my mind. On other days, I have a tune I hum. This one particular tune is from a chorus we sing at church but I can’t remember the words. But God knows the words and I believe the Holy Spirit sings that praise song to God in my behalf.
I wonder. If we each took our favorite scripture passage and found a tune that fit the mood of the words and sang it to God, wouldn’t He be pleased?
While I input this and edited it, I heard our next door neighbor’s voice outside my window. I heard a faint knock on our outer door. When I went to see for sure that they were there, she and her significant other stood on our stoop. He held their pet lizard, called a bearded dragon. I am not one to take to exotic pets. When I saw it on his hand, I stiffened. (I had to struggle to get a C in Zoology in college.) The facts they shared with us were pretty interesting. Hubby had told them I would be skittish around it. I didn’t hold it. Let’s say I was distantly curious. Why is this praiseworthy? They do our yard work and snow removal. We have known him since he was born. The real praise is they wanted us to see it.

I can praise God for this experience because He is in control of my life and my reactions to things that happen to me. 



  1. Hi Cecelia! I really like that idea of putting a favorite Scripture to song! Well, as we know, people named Cecelia like music :)

    I think I would be a bit freaked out by seeing a bearded dragon myself. Yikes! But your held it together and isn't it fun that they wanted to share their precious pet with you? Your opinion meant so much!

    Have a great Monday!

    1. Ceil: Thank you for your marvelous thoughts.God is so very good. A dear friend bought me one of those name cards. And guess what it said, "Musical"

      We have know the man since he was born. He has lived next door to us intermittently most of his life.

  2. Through a "spiritual mom" of mine, the Lord has directed me to this very thing...dwelling on praise of Him when I'm down. I think this is something He's really wanting to teach me right now, and your post is a confirmation. Yea!

    1. Rhonda: Thank you for your warm thoughts. Paul tells us to "Praise God in all circumstances." Ann Voskamp tells us we will have hard Eucharisteo. We need to search for one tiny thing to give thanks for when we are down, discouraged, and wrung out.


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