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Friday, November 21, 2014

Eucharisteo, Give Praise to God

“Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.
Praise the Lord.” Psalm 150:6

Last year I read a book—1,000 Gifts, written by Ann Voskamp. She caused me to think about our gifts from and our praises to God. She taught me a new word: Eucharisteo (u cha ri STE o) it comes from the Greek and means to give thanks.

We often overlook the simple gifts God gives us. We often want the big, shiny gifts we can boast about but for this reading let’s concentrate on the small ones He gives us.

God’s Presence in your Lives
Have you felt God’s presence in your life? Did you feel the Father’s presence as you read His Word? Has He kept you safe as you went through your day?

God’s Guidance
Have you entered a new phase of life and don’t quite know what to do? Has God guided you through a decision-making process that you felt was difficult? Do you have friends whom you know God has guided?

God’s Blessings
Have you felt God’s blessings on you and/or your family? Have you achieved a goal that made you feel good? Have you seen any rainbows in the sky? Have you heard a child’s laughter? Have you seen someone smile?

All the questions asked above are questions that remind us to praise God for the good gifts He gives us. However, we have times when we might not feel like praising Him. The Apostle Paul tells us to “Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ.” (1 Thessalonians 5:18) At our church one Wednesday night, the pastor asked the question, “What is the sweetest praise?” One lady answered, “The one that is hardest to give.”
When we give thanks to God, we praise Him for his gifts to us, even the ones that are hidden in adversity.

Have you had time when you praised God when it was hard to do?


  1. Hi Cecelia! I have read this book too. It truly does make you think about how important it is to praise and thank God in everything. And that is hard. As you know, my husband has been unemployed for over two years now. How do I give praise and thanks for that?
    It is a hard thing to do. I just have to keep in mind that God has the plan, and it is a good one. Just because I can't see it, doesn't make it bad.
    Weekend blessings!

    1. Ceil: Thank you for your thoughts. I remember how it was when my hubby was laid. For the better part of two years.He worked one summer for eight weeks.I was employed full-time and that kept us going. God always has plans for His chldren. Blessings to you and yours,


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