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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Heart of Humor, What People are Saying

As a humor writer, Jeanette Levellie knows how to make people laugh. A gifted and talented writer, speaker and singer, she has just published a new book: The Heart of Humor: Sixty Helpings of Hilarity to Nourish Your Soul with Elk Lake Publishing.

In her entertaining, uplifting style, Levellie weaves forty-five funny stories with articles, lists, and quotes that prove adding humor to our lives leads to better health, both emotionally and physically.
She has been described as the Erma Bombeck of Christian writers by some of her fans, including Dean Christensen from the California State University.  “Her many humorous anecdotes drive home a serious message,” says Christensen.  “God in his grace loves and accepts each of us unconditionally through Jesus Christ."

James Watkins, an assistant acquisitions editor for Wesleyan Publishing House, describes her as, I discovered Jeanette at a writers’ conferences several years ago. Well, you don’t really “discover” Jeanette. You experience Jeanette! The energetic red head with a flair for fashion bursts on the scene with a wake of joyful laughter trailing behind her. You simply cannot ignore her.”

This book, Heart of Humor, will make you laugh, probably right out loud. In it she includes 45 stories that speak of God and of humor. : Sixty Helpings of Hilarity to Nourish Your Soul is a hilarious journey of 45 short stories with titles like Quit Pinching my Fruit, Confessions of a Jailbird, Swimsuit Shopping Stress, and I Love My Hips. Nestled among the stories are comical drawings by a professional animator, articles, and lists revealing the superpowers of laughter such as Got Pain? Laugh it Away, Everybody Loves Dummies, and Ten Ways to Help Yourself Laugh, for a total of 60 short chapters.

She says, “We shouldn't take ourselves too seriously.” She believes this, as you will see when you read her latest book, “Heart for Humor”. She has an infectious wit that comes across in all her writing. I am certain you will enjoy this, her latest book.

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