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Monday, February 9, 2015

Know and Love Your Neighbor

“Love your neighbor as you love yourself” Matthew 22:39 (NIV)

            Since the Pharisees heard that Jesus had earlier ‘silenced the Sadducees,’ (:34), they decided to test Him. One who was knowledgeable in the law posed the question, “Which is the greatest commandment in the Law?”

            The Master answered the question and went further, giving the second greatest commandment, to love our neighbors as much as we love ourselves. When He said this, Jesus was quoting Old Testament Law. (Leviticus 19:18)
            This is a tall order. In our 21st Century society, we barely know who are neighbors are.At one time, I could say I knew or was acquainted with several families along our street, those a few houses away as well as those close to our house. As time and circumstance has changed our street, I no longer can say that.

            Last spring, we had an emergency right across the street from us. A house caught fire. The woman who lived across our side yard had her dad staying overnight. He ran across and down the street and pounded on the front door of the house immediately to the west of the burning house.  He was a neighbor in every sense, and he was just staying at his daughter’s. 

            Will we be held accountable for our society becoming more insular as time goes by? I believe so. Certain regions of these United States have recently gone through times of great unrest. These times have caused concern and caution on the part of those who watched events unfold.
            Is there still time for us to learn to know and then to love our neighbors? I certainly hope there is.

            Dear Father God:
                        Thank you for giving us neighbors. Help us to learn to live side by side or close to one another. Teach us to respect one another and to bring aid when and as we can. Also equip us to share our love for You with them. We give You all the praise. In the name of Jesus, we pray. AMEN.


  1. Hi Cecelia! I agree that I used to know my neighbors better when my children were smaller. We did a lot of playing outside back then. It was a young block. But now? I hardly see anyone out anymore. Kind of sad...
    I do hope that we can create community where we are. We were born for it, and we need to love our neighbors as ourselves, which means we have to get out there and do it!

    I like your good attitude about being accountable. We must have faith.
    Monday blessings,

    1. Ceil: One reason I don't really know those around us any more is that, in the winter, I am almost house bound. I know when the weather breaks, I will want to get out more but I really need to work on doing it. We have a very nice yard bench and our back yard is quiet and inviting to me. I enjoy sitting out there and praying. Hubby went out and whittled and has gone back to growing tomatoes. I can hardly wait for spring so we can do those things.


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