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Friday, June 19, 2015

Pray When We Feel Out of Synch

“Whisper a prayer in the morning.         
Whisper a prayer at noon.
Whisper a prayer in the evening,
        To keep your heart in tune.”

               A book I am reading talks about our need to stay calibrated with God.  He talks about a large Philharmonic orchestra and how all the instruments get recalibrated to the right pitch.
“The oboe sounds a note—A above middle C. To be precise it is the A that is produced by 440 vibrations a second. Musicians call it A 440.”1 The author connects tuning the musical instruments with our spiritually staying in synch with God.

               From time to time, I find myself not quite where I should be in relationship with God. I have learned this happens when I pray on the run or neglect my devotional reading.

               I have found that I do better when I find things to be thankful for—the little things that I may have taken for granted in the past.
Recently, I stepped out my back door to help Hubby do a task the other day and noticed the brightness of the day and the cheery sky with the puffy clouds. I also noticed the quietness of our yard. We live on a rather busy street and sometimes I forget about the calm atmosphere we have just behind our house. 

               Whenever we, as God’s children, have times of not feeling ‘in synch’ with Him, all we have to do is bow our heads, kneel before our Lord, and spend time talking with Him. If we can’t kneel physically, we can kneel in our hearts.
1.            What Keeps You Up At Night, Pete Wilson, Thomas Nelson, Wilson Publishing Co. Nashville TN.

                   Pages. 118-119

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