Thursday, March 30, 2017

Jesus’ Prayer for Us

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            In this passage, Jesus prays for those who will believe in Him in the future, that’s us, you and me. Just think about that for a second. Jesus prayed for you and me.
            He asks the Father that we be unified in love for one another. Jesus requests this so that the people we meet in the present day will believe that God sent Him.

             In our world, we have many different groups, each with their own views on the way to worship God. Barclay tells us we should love and respect one another. 1.

            Our Lord gave those who believe in Him glory, the glory the Father has given Him. Jesus prays that we receive future glory in proportion to our temporal sufferings while we are on earth. Yes, we will suffer for Jesus while we go through life here on earth.

            Our Lord wants us to be with Him and to see His glory. Jesus speaks not of His crucifixion but of His glorification. The Cross would bring Him glory.

            As 21st Century Christians, we can remain close to Jesus by studying God’s word, spending time in prayer, sharing the scriptures with others, and yielding to Him when we face trials and tribulation. When we practice these ways, we honor Him.

            You may ask, how can we do these things? Have you considered joining a prayer or a Bible study group? Do you have a set time for your personal devotions and prayer time?  

1.      Daily Study Bible, Book of John, Vol.2 © 1975 Westminster Press, Phila, p.271 


  1. Your reminder on how we can honor God, get closer to Him are always timely and important to read. I value my personal time with Him. I try hard to start each morning in prayer and devotions to set the tone for the day. I'm not perfect about it but strive to be better. He cares about us continually--shouldn't I communicate with him back? :)

    1. Terri: Thank you for your thoughtful comment. During Lent, I have had the privilege of spending quantity time with God. I also try to start my day with God through devotions, prayer, and journal writing. I need to be more faithful with reading my Bible, not just a few verses but sections that He refers me to.

  2. "Jesus speaks not of His crucifixion but of His glorification. The Cross would bring Him glory." Wow! This is a profound thought. Thanks for the encouragement, dear friend,


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