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Friday, April 28, 2017

My World in April

A  cabin on the land at Muscatatuck Wildlife Refuge

          April found me rather busy. We had three dress rehearsals for our Good Friday drama. The cast requested the third one. I had to miss that one because Hubby and I had to go down to the southern part of Indiana so he could do some work for our friends who lost their mother in February. While he was helping them, our son and I went to the nearby wildlife refuge and took some pictures. 

One of the lakes, also a Muscatatuck

            Holy Week was extra busy for me. On Monday that week, Hubby told me we were leaving for Florida the next Monday. In our talking about this earlier, I had told him I didn’t think I could go until like April 30. We left on April 17. I had a Sunday school class party I wanted to go to this past Sunday.
            I had an eye exam and ordered new glasses before we left. When we returned home, I had seen they had called to tell me my new spectacles were in. I picked them up this past Monday.

I am part of a prayer group that meets on Wednesday mornings. Usually, every other Tuesday, a lady from church and I do visitation, making contact with some of our shut-ins, one in an assisted living facility, one in a memory unit of a retirement home, and three in an area nursing home. That week we had to go on Friday. On Maundy Thursday, evening, our church was invited to join a sister church for a Seder Meal service. I always find these services meaningful and instructive. I was trying to sort through summer clothes (packed away) and sweat pants to get washed.

The drama was well attended and well received. The Seder Meal was instructive. My Gluten Fee diet caused me to miss out on the Matzo Ball Soup and Communion with Matzo Bread. However, I did try one piece of Matzo bread with ground apples. AND two days later, it caught up with me.
I am working on two plays for our drama group, one I hope we can present just before Thanksgiving. The other one might be for next Good Friday. I have had to do some research on these. I even took some of my folders and legal pads to Florida, along with a small Bible and did some work on the Thanksgiving play while we were there. Right now the manuscript is 4/5 of the way of being done.
I await return the manuscript of my collection of meditations from one of my readers. I need to get with the program and work on the book proposal

With the advent of spring-like weather, I have been getting to sit on my porch. I call it “Porch Time.’ When we returned home from our vacation, our Dogwood tree we planted last year was in full bloom. 

Red Bud at the Wildlife Refuge
St. Andrews State Park, Panama City Beach Florida

Our Dogwood Tree.(Planted 2016)


  1. So you were in Florida? Well....I am happy you had a break during so much business and work and ministry! I hope your vacation was enjoyable and that you relaxed and soaked up some sun. You are an amazing woman!! So many projects that you are involved in! May God bless you and keep you strong and able and joyful in all!!

    1. We had a good break. Came home to chilly weather and now wet weather. I want the sun to shine and to be able to sit on my porch.

  2. We all need to relax and be refreshed. I'm glad you had the opportunity to get away for a bit. Happy Spring!


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