Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Interview with Martha

Mary Martha at home

Quiet Spirit: Today, we have our last interview of this series. Martha of Bethany is with us today. Thank you for coming today.

Martha: It is a pleasure to be here, thank you for having me.

Q.S.: Tell us about yourself.

Martha: I lived in Bethany on the eastern slope of Mount Olivet, near the Jericho road. Bethpage and Bethlehem are nearby. We could walk the short distance walk to Jerusalem.

Q.S.: How did you meet Jesus?

Martha: My brother Lazarus, my sister Mary, and I heard of the miracles He performed. Those who witnessed these miracles and heard His preaching were either pleased with Him or were angry about His ways. We decided to go hear for ourselves. What he said made sense to us. We embraced Him.
After that, whenever Jesus came through our town, we opened our home to Him. He became like one of the family. We had him stay in our home.
We permitted Him to use our home as a central base for His disciples when they returned. I always prepared a meal and gave them a place to rest.

Q.S.: Was there a time that you learned something from Jesus that was especially for you?

Martha: Whenever He came to our home, I always served a big meal, almost a banquet, as a welcome. One time, my sister Mary just sat and listened to Jesus. She didn’t help me do anything. Her behavior got under my skin. I was frustrated! I spoke my mind. I asked Jesus to tell my sister to help me with the meal.
He told me I was anxious and troubled about many things. He let me know, nicely, that Mary chose what He called the better way. I let up on Mary that day. I vowed to have simpler meals in the future. I realized no one would remember what I served them. However, those who listened to Jesus could tell many others what he said.

Q.S.: Are you thankful for what He did for you? Please explain why.

Martha: Yes, I am very thankful for what Jesus did for me. Because I was able to relax more. I heard the stories Jesus shared with the people who flocked to our home and listened to Him. I began to better appreciate those around me. Also, I will always be thankful for the miracle He performed when he raised my dear brother Lazarus from the dead, but I have taken too much of your time. Maybe, I can tell that story at another time.

Q.S.: Thank you for sharing your personal story with us.

During this series, we have heard stories of thankfulness from those who encountered Jesus and received health and life-giving counsel. They each expressed that they were thankful. My questions to you are this: Has Jesus performed a miracle in your life that you are thankful for? Has He done something today that makes you thankful? Have you taken the time to express your thanks to Him?


  1. I so enjoyed this interview and my visit with you. It's nice to meet you through our mutual friend Pamela!

    1. Mary: Thank you for stopping in. I'm glad you enjoyed this interview. It is part of a script I am writing for a Thanksgiving play for our church. Here is the link to the explanation for this and four other interviews.

  2. HI Cecelia! Another great interview here, thank you for sharing your faith through these well-known people in the bible!

    1. Ceil: Thank you for your kind thought. I find it interesting God allows so much to be seen in the Bible characters. Peace and blessings to you and yours.

  3. Martha is one of my favorite people because I am so much like her. But she learned from Jesus...and from Mary...the better way...and I think she applied what she learned in her life. Jesus loved Martha and went out of His way to teach her about the Resurrection and about true worship. He used those moments to tenderly help Martha to grow in her relationship with Him. Yes, Jesus has performed miracles in my life/my family...our son Matthew, who is now in heaven, experienced several miracles in his life prior to being called home to heaven at the age of 41. I know we will see him again and that he is no longer suffering. I am thankful for the extra years we had with Matthew, thanks to the Lord's healing him early in life. If that had not happened, we would not have our grandson Noah to carry on Matthew's legacy and to be our sweet grandson. God has truly blessed us even in the midst of the sorrows.

    1. Pam: Thank you for your thoughts and your testimony about God's blessing you and your family through difficult sorrowful times. Peace and blessings to you and yours.


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