Saturday, August 26, 2017

The Need to Pray

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            As I monitor the news app on my tablet, read the daily newspaper, watch the television news stories, and see life unfolding around me, I feel the need to pray even more each day.

            You know the stories of which I speak. Have we, as a people, truly talked to God about these horrendous issues? Have we lifted those who live around us to the LORD? Do we do it on a daily basis?

             Can we eventually stand before God and claim to love our neighbors when we talked negatively about them? When we spread personal information of those around to yet others?

            Friends, we need to get ourselves right with God, on His terms. We might think we are right with God, but the determining factor is what He thinks.

            It is not our place to judge anyone. That is God’s role. Let’s learn to lift those we meet up to Him for Him to deal with. Before we sit in judgment, we should remember, “There, except for the grace of God, go I.”

This post comes, in part, because of a Bible study’s discussion and some conditions that happened in our neighborhood this past week.

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