Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Freedom: Why I Have Freedom in Christ

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Recently, I saw a MEME on Facebook that I really liked.

I still believe in Amazing Grace,

God’s grace is truly amazing. Once we accept His Son as our Savior and strive to live for Him, Jesus intercedes before His Father for us.

that there is Power in the Blood 

There is no power equal to God’s power. God can handle any issue that confronts me and will use it for His glory.

Wherever I go. Jesus is beside me; to the grocery, the pharmacy, the insurance agent, on visitations, on drives, on trips with my husband.

When I pray, God listens. When I pray fervently, He talks to me. We communicate and have fellowship with each other.

I should not fear because Jesus lives in my heart. He tells me He has all things under His control.

all because of The Old Rugged Cross

I have freedom from my sin because God allowed His Son Jesus to die a criminal’s death for me and for each of you. Once for all.


  1. Yes! I agree with all of this! We serve a God who is alive and wants a relationship with us. Where would we be without Him?

    1. Cindy: A former Sunday school teacher who also was a lay minister at a church I was a member of said it very well;" As humans we all have one great need, the need of a vital relationship with Jesus Christ." Without Jesus, we would be nothing and we would get what we deserve. Peace and blessings on this July 4th holiday.


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