Saturday, August 17, 2019

Living for Jesus

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This is a departure from my chosen monthly topic. I heard a story that disturbed me. I found myself thinking about the person and how many people she has wronged by her actions. I found myself doing what I do when I am confronted by things I cannot understand. I wrote out my thoughts. 

Recently, I heard more of a person’s story that has caused me to think about how we live for Jesus. In hearing this latest addition to the story, I realized this individual is truly living for herself and not Jesus. This caused me to ponder what living for Jesus means.

                  He is the Lord of our lives.
                                    He sees all that we do.
                                    He hears all we say.
                                    He directs us through each day.

Our responsibility is to read His Word, take it to heart, and strive to follow it as best we can. Sometimes, we fail to live up to what The Word directs us to do. That is where His grace begins to act.

As we go through life, God’s Holy Spirit goes with us and supports us as we face trials and go through tribulations. God hears all we say during those times.

When we accept Christ and ask Him to walk with us through our lives, we need to be honest with Him and with ourselves. We shouldn’t do or say anything that Jesus would not like.

Sometimes, we have ‘head knowledge’ and not ‘heart knowledge’. We think we know Jesus and we can get by with anything we do because ‘we are saved’. When we do things disregarding Jesus, in reality, we know about Jesus, but we really don’t know Him.

A lot of us approach Jesus when we are in trouble or face something we cannot handle. This is not the relationship He wants to have with us. He wants to be the LORD of our lives.

Sometimes, we claim to be Christian and a worker for Christ because we want to impress others. Jesus would rather we didn’t do that. When we proclaim Christ and then our behavior or our attitude tells those around us otherwise, we ‘give Jesus a black eye”.

How can we continue to show the grace of God to those who seem to revert to former ways of living?

How can we pray about this?


  1. Amen. Agreeing with your prayer, I would understand it as for more believers to know the truth of who Jesus, Yeshua, is. As you wrote, there are things people do from what we think we "know" or for "show", but those are what He came to illuminate and guide people back to the Truth of His word, and to only do as His Father, as He demonstrates by His life and works. Its a good question of how to pray as we need as believers to be together a "Body" of Messiah, Body of Christ, that glorifies Him and that we all strive for that intimate relationship that only comes from Loving God for who He is and not who we think He is, and obeying Him, not what we want to do, and Loving our neighbor as ourselves. Praying with you for all believers to show the Grace of God and not go the way of former ways but to put on the clothes of Messiah Yeshua, Jesus Christ.

    PS its A little hard to comment and say the right words, as surely its easy to be misunderstood, but I felt at least to try and respond with what came to my heart. May the LORD help that they communicate with grace and love. Blessings and Shalom!

    1. Shayndel: You are right in your thoughts. We truly need to be "one body in Christ". Sometimes, we can only lift up our needs and requests to God and allow Him to exercise His will in the situation. Peace and Blessings.

  2. Quite some serious thoughts there Cecelia. I think we can only truly be accountable for ourselves, although we are called to keep an eye on each other. For me Love is the answer, because it never fails. We need to love people as God does. He loved us while we were still sinners, that blows my mind.

    1. Marja: Thank you for your thoughts. Love is the answer, you are right. Even when that love is trampled on by the other person, we are to show love. Sometimes, it is hard to continue to show love over and over again when you know that the other person is not sincere in his or her beliefs and behavior.


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