Friday, December 6, 2019

Preparing Our Hearts

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I had to extend my blog break into this week. My husband was in the hospital. God has been good to us through this ordeal. When I wasn’t at the hospital, I was exhausted and just sat and read and watched television. I brought him home yesterday afternoon (Thursday, Dec 5th)

Last Sunday was the first Sunday of Advent. It was my turn to talk to the children of our church during Children’s Moments.

One of the questions I asked them was, “Do you know who Jesus is?” I got some very good answers. LORD, King, and God were the answers they gave me.

I shared with them that Advent is a time of preparation. One of my favorite traditional Christmas carols is “Joy to the World.” I love the line, “Let every heart prepare Him room.” As we prepare our homes and plan for family festivities, we also need to prepare our hearts for Jesus’ birth.

Just the next day, someone reminded me of a challenge she saw on Facebook. It goes like this. Starting on December 1st, read the book of Luke one chapter a night. There are 24 chapters in Luke. By the time you read the last chapter on Christmas Eve, a person would understand the true meaning of Christmas. I came home from that meeting and promptly read the first chapter. Later that night, I read the second chapter.

As we enter this Advent season, let us remember to take time to prepare our hearts, as well as our homes, to receive Jesus.

Do you do anything special to remember Jesus during Advent?

Has your family ever had a birthday party for Him?

Some Christmas music for your enjoyment:



  1. So glad to hear that your hubby is home. I know you are happy to have him there. Praying he will stay healthy and that you can both get some rest now. Love your message. Advent is such a meaningful time for us. I look forward to every day, preparing our hearts for Jesus to come afresh and new.

  2. Pamela: It has been a busy week. I had some issues with my computer mouse and I can't get the one I purchased to work like I think it should. This time of the year is especially nice now that I am older. I can concentrate on God and on Jesus more than I was able to as a young adult. Peace and blessings to you.


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