Tuesday, January 4, 2022

December Reflections




Reading List for 2022


In the New Year, I will be reading two devotional books.

            Mornings with Jesus, a Guideposts book 


            Mornings and Evenings by C. H. Spurgeon.


I got these books for Christmas:


            The Jeremiah Study Bible

Anxious for Nothing by Max Lucado

The Essential Tozer Collection, James L. Snyder, editor 

(The Pursuit of God, The Purpose of Man, The Crucified Life)


Also, a friend from church gave me an updated copy of My Utmost for His Highest for Christmas.


I have also chosen to re-read the following:


            Foxe’s Book of Martyrs by John Foxe


            How To Live the Holy Life Stephen M. Miller (editor)


            The Practice of Praise by C.H. Spurgeon


            The Absolutes of God, Ricley


I want to find a classic, and a book or two on writing. (These might be re-reads as well.)


Concern About Mayfield Ky.

We were under a tornado watch and then warning on December 10. The next day, I called my best friend to see if I needed to pick her up for an afternoon meeting we had. She told me about the town of Mayfield and the candle factory being flattened. Everyone I talked to was aware of this disaster. One of the women at our meeting said she cried when she heard about the factory.


Substituting for Sunday School Leader

            I was asked by the lady who leads our Sunday school class if I would fill in for her on the 19th. Her family Christmas celebration was moved to that date and to her house. I said I would.


On December 12, I noticed their car was not in the church parking lot. About the time class would have started, our pastor’s wife came into our class and asked, “Cecelia, do you know you are teaching?” I didn’t know what she meant. The class leader had texted me. Her husband was sick. She didn’t know if I found it. (I didn’t.) So, I wound up teaching. On the 12th, we had a good-sized class. The class on the 19th was with fewer people but it was another good class.


Their Christmas celebration with their family got postponed until this past Sunday, January2. Due to the issues with their family, she has not been able to talk to the class about what they want to do next. So, I get to teach/lead class on a subject of my choosing. (Normally, I would be walking on eggshells right now.) God led me to use one of my journaling posts as a possible lead-off to the class discussion.


A New Study Bible


Hubby gave me some money to order what I wanted/needed for Christmas. One thing I needed was a new Bible. My NIV (cross reference with concordance) had its back cover come apart from the spine.  I found a Study Bible and ordered it along with the Lucado book and the Tozer book I talked about earlier. That box came but Hubby first told me I had to wrap them up and not use the Study Bible until at least December 24th. On December 16, I woke up to a note that said I could unwrap and use my new Study Bible and those two books. 




I have journaled the scripture verses that highlight each fruit of the Spirit. It has been an eye opener for me. I plan on using each fruit in my blog monthly, starting in February through September and again in November. January theme is “New”. In October, I will explore what my word of 2022 will have taught me.

After I finished journaling the Fruit of the Spirit, I started journaling the scriptures that spoke of my word for 2022.

My Word for 2022

My word for 2022 came to me this past fall. As in the past, this word has come up in my reading several times. My word for 2022 is PURPOSE This stems from my wanting to find a purpose for my life, given my health issues.     




  1. Hi Cecelia, Happy New year to you and your family. I always like to read your reflections. My first thought about you teaching was 'oh, now you can teach what you have already written' and it will be so. I recently started a podcast, just reading my older blog posts, the material is there, why not use it again in a new way? I love your #oneword, I just posted about mine.

    1. Marja: That is just what I did. I used the blog posting, "New" and added to it a bit. I have journaled the scriptures about my "one word". I plan on using some of those journal thoughts later in the year on my blog. Peace and blessings to you, my friend.

  2. This was filled with a lot of blessings...how God blessed you and used you to teach even when you weren't expecting to...He gave you what you needed as you needed it. I love it when His plans come together. And the books you are reading, etc., all very challenging, but you will gain so much insight from them. Looking forward to how God is going to put all of this to use in your "purpose" for 2022. Great word, by the way!!

    1. Pam: Thank you for your warm comments. I spent some time reviewing my journal entries on the word PURPOSE. It's getting colder up here. Won't be able to be in my computer room; it's the coldest room in the house. Peace and blessings.


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