Tuesday, February 1, 2022

January Reflections




New Year’s Activities


On New Year’s Eve, we did one of our favorite things, we watched old movies. This year, we watched the “Thin Man” series. One of our television channels had a marathon, all six movies in the series. I recorded most of them. I watched two on New Year’s Eve; three on New Year’s Day, and the final one on January 2nd. I realized there were stars who were beginning back then in each of these movies.


Felt More Ambitious


For some reason, right after Christmas, I felt more like “facing the day”. Prior to Christmas, I felt as if I had “lost steam”. That feeling good did not really last.


 COVID Stuff


Our county, then our whole state, went into the red zone for the COVID. (Current positivity rate is about 29%.)


 An area meeting that I attend will not meet until the numbers would improve.    


 Physical Therapy


Per my Radiation Doctor, I started physical therapy for lymphedema, a side effect from the lumpectomy. I see the therapists three times a week from the middle of January for either four or six weeks. (Possibly until almost the end of February.)


After one session and a day of home exercises, I felt better that I have in quite a while. Good sleep and the absence of pain were causes of the change. However, the morning after session two, I felt a lot of pain. I finally figured it out. I needed to wear my fleece jacket over my sweater etc. Once I did that, my arm stopped hurting. I received a compression garment that extends from my wrist almost to my shoulder. It feels like a cast on my arm. I wear it 23 hours a day. I have been measured for a compression sleeve.


A Different Type of Writing


During my physical therapy evaluation, the therapist explained something to me about the cost of an essential item used in the treatment of lymphedema not being covered by Medicare. She has been to Washington D.C. and talked with senators about the importance of getting this item covered by Medicare. There are people, women, and men, who would benefit from this bill being enacted into legislation. I felt the need to do something to try to help. I wrote letters, one to each of our senators and one to our representative about the importance of this act to those who are affected by this condition. This neglected act is named, Lymphedema Treatment Act.


 The Blahs


I recently realized that I was in a rut. I don’t really like to be in this state. I believe I have been in here for quite a lengthy time.  Please pray that I can pull out of this state.


 Substitute Teaching Sunday School


Due to illness in my Sunday school leader’s family, they had their family Christmas celebration on January 2. I knew ahead of time. We were between study books. I chose to be daring and teach a lesson based on one of my blog entries, (NEW).


Because of her mobility issues, on Sundays when her husband acts as worship leader, she stays home. In a phone conversation, she gave me the dates she will not be able to lead the class. We have chosen to study a booklet on Psalms 23.


True Winter Weather Is Predicted!


As I refine this blog entry on February 1st, most of our state is awaiting a blizzard-like snowstorm, up to 12 inches. It will first bring rain which will mean ice under any snow we receive. Hubby and I are hunkered down for the dura Activities at our church have been called off until Saturday. The church office will be closed until Monday, February 7th. Sunday services may or may not be as normal.

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