Friday, June 3, 2022

The Path to Peace By Ann Swindell


Ann Swindell has written an excellent book about finding peace in our hearts. It is a combination of a devotional and a Bible study. I find the book lives up to it's tag line: Experiencing God's Comfort when you are overwhelmed.


She has chosen five heroes of the Bible, four individuals and the disciples, and explored how they found peace in their lives. She chose to include Sarah, Moses, Ruth, Hannah, Mary, the Disciples, Mary Magdalene, and Paul.


In each section, she examines what is going on as each person lives out their lives and how that person was able to find peace through Jesus Christ.Ann Swindell shares some of the times in her life that she needed to find peace to heal from deep hurts.


I like that she showed transparency and, in her writing, could say, “I have been there, I know what it is to be hurt by friends and life’s circumstances. And I was able to find peace through Christ.”


I am impressed with the make-up of her book.

Each day’s reading is short, but powerful. When she makes a valid point on the daily topic, she backs it up with a scripture reference.


This is an interactive book. At the end of each of the 40 daily readings, she asks a relevant question of her readers and includes space for the reader to record an answer.


I would recommend this book to any woman or group of women who feel overwhelmed by life’s stresses. This book would also be beneficial for Christian counselors to include in their libraries.


This book is available on: Amazon here and Christianbook and here..


I received this book free from Bethany House Publishers, a division of Baker Publishing Group. All they asked of me was that I give an unbiased review.


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