Tuesday, October 4, 2022

September Reflections




My writing for the past month has been in my journal. I find a scripture that speaks to me and I journal my thoughts on it.

Family Plans

Jim and Roger made plans for us to go down to where he lives the end of September. Jim is from that area. We haven’t been down there since April. We did not get to go. Jim’s health is getting worse. Besides his knee replacement being “on hold” due to his A1C being too high, he has a lot of pain in that knee and other joints. Also, he is dealing with a personal health issue.

Electronics and Me

I recently got a new debit card. I have several features on my computer that are subscriptions for services. One evening, I spent what seemed like an hour trying to get into an account on one of these websites. I did not get the task done that day. I almost had the same experience a second day with a different website. I found out via a phone call that only I could change that information. I apologized for bothering the man. Suddenly, I found the right web page to get me where I needed to be.

I also tried to get into my cellphone to get my voicemail set up. (Long story). Could not get in to get that task done either. My conclusion about my relationship with electronics is that they seem to tolerate me.

A Confession I Made

Off and on for some time, I have been doing research on other houses of worship in our area. There are too many things I see happening where I have worshiped almost 20 years.

I attended a meeting of an ecumenical women’s movement recently and another lady brought up the issue that has her local church (same denomination)is having to make the decision facing a lot of churches in our denomination. I referred to a church website that listed their beliefs. After the meeting ended, I told the woman  in charge that I was considering leaving my church for another one.  Part of the issue is whether the higher ups uphold and obey our governing document and the Bible.

 My best friend has told me for sometime that she has been unhappy about some issues for sometime. No, I am not considering leaving because she is.

Intercessors of Prayer

A lady pastor in our city told me about a group called Intercessors of Prayer. It is based inVirginia. I called and requested information about the group. The group is a part of Breakthrough Prayer line. As I was transferring this to my computer, I called the group again and the woman with whom I spoke said she would call me back. She was true to her word and also told me they 'dropped the ball' and verified my information. The information should be in the mail in two days.

Some Good News

I had a check-up at the radiation doctor’s this month. I found out I have lost 18 pounds since they last saw me in June. I also found out that my compression sleeve is working as it should. (My Lymphedema number was lower.) I see her again in February and in April I will be at the two year mark since treatment and will only have to see her once a year for three years.

Kitchen Project

Our kitchen project has been rocky to say the least. We are considering looking for someone else to finish the job. Personally, I dislike dealing with ANYONE who does not return phone calls.

Children’s Moments Message

About once a month, I am scheduled to give a children’s message as a part of our worship service. I was scheduled fairly early in the month. We had no children in attendance. On another Sunday, the pastor asked me if I could do the children’s message on the last Sunday of the month. I agreed to.

My week before that Sunday turned out to be a very trying one. I kept my promise and gave the message. At one point the adults in the congregation joined in. During the service a lady came up to me and whispered, asking if I could send the message to her. She had never heard of the pledge to the Bible and pledge to the Christian flag. After service, a second woman told me she enjoyed my message and she had not heard of these pledges.

Here is the link to that children’s message. Pledges

Fall Weather

I love the colors of the season. To the north of our home is a street that has the fullest maple tree I have ever seen. One year the foilage was shaped in a prefect sphere and the brightest red I have ever seen. This year, it looks like it will be beautiful again. I plan on watching it closely to see how it develops.


  1. What a full and rewarding month you've had, Cecelia! We, too, are thinking about switching churches, but haven't had time to actively look for one. As we will be traveling most of October, that will have to wait.
    Have a blessed October!

  2. Martha: Thank you for your kind thoughts. I will ask God to give you travel mercies as you go through your month. I believe our traveling days are memories for us. Peace and blessings.

  3. My prayers are with you as you pray about the church issue. Our church is planning to dissafiliate from the denomination and has joined in the effort to help make that happen, but the denomination is throwing all kinds of roadblocks for churches wanting to leave. We love our church and do not want to leave our local congregation, but we pray we can peacefully resolve this issue sooner rather than later as we do not like being affiliated with a denomination that is an abomination to God. May God open the doors for us to leave peacefully, and if not, then we may have to look elsewhere too. Pray, pray pray! Praying for you and your hubby with his health issues as well. And electronics are becoming more and more difficult with each change they make. You need to keep a young person around to fix things for you...that's what we have discovered. They learn it so much more quickly than we can! May the Lord bless your October with beauty and peace and good health. Love to you today.

  4. Pam: I know the issues of the disaffiliation process. I love the church family and that makes it difficult for me to make a definite decision. Our congregation is made up of mostly retirees. Thank you for your prayers for Jim. Our young person is our son and he lives 100 miles away. God WILL lead us through these times. We have to stay faithful. Peace and blessings to you and yours.


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