Monday, March 25, 2024

February Reflections


Getting Some Repair Work Done

We had to have some work done to our bathroom. Our shower and bathtub had been out of commission for a while. We had to search for a plumber to do the work. The first one to look at the job was not acceptable. The second one did an excellent job and did not have to cause any more issues with our bathroom.

A Friend Wears A Crown

Rachel, one of the ladies at my church entered heaven on January 31st. She had been in failing health since she had COVID. Then, later she was diagnosed with ALS. I was able to go to her visitation. She looked very good considering what she endured with her illness.

Cleaning Out a Closet

In preparing for our plumber, we emptied a closet that is behind the wall in the bathroom. We thought the water pipes to the

shower were in there. Well, they weren’t. (The closet truly needed to be cleaned out.)

The next day, I spent time beginning to sort through the STUFF, one pile to keep, on pile for the church rummage sale, and one pile to toss. I really need to stay with this project.

I ordered two hanging garment bags that came in two days. I also ordered two sweater boxes to help me store my sweaters. One of the places I ordered from could not fill my order until the latter half of March. I canceled that order and ordered from another place.

Phil missed it

We had a snowy day on Friday after Valentine’s Day. Jim said it looked like five inches. Phil the ground hog must not have had his eyes opened when he come out of his den.

Praying for our pastor

On January 29th our pastor had a stroke. His wife took him to the ER. They admitted him to the ICU. He was in ICU for almost a week. They had to take him back to ICU and have some surgery. He is back in a regular room. He had a rough night his first night back in a regular room. (More news to come in March Reflections)

Interim Pastor

The day after Pastor’s stroke, we knew we would have an interim pastor and we knew his name. He lives in a nearby city.

Almost A Personal Catastrophe

I wear hearing aids. On President’s Day, I put them in, one while I was taking on my cell phone; The other one as I fixed my ‘breakfast’. Later in the day, I reached to that ear and didn’t find that one in place.

I asked some of my friends to pray for me. I happened to see something shiny in the kitchen reflecting off the lamp in the living room. I went in and started to get something out of my vegetable bin. I stepped on the missing hearing aid. I was wearing house slippers; had I been wearing regular shoes, I would probably broken that hearing aid.

In explanation

I decided I needed a blog-break due to a health issue. Then, I had a computer issue that I could not do anything about by myself. My husband was not up to driving to the next town west to get my computer seen about. His health is questionable at this point in time.

More reflections to come next month.

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