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Monday, March 2, 2009


Prior to the Roman occupation of Judea, the office of High Priest was held for life. But that changed to an annual appointment. Caiaphas,the one selected for that year, spent his time looking out for himself. Scholars describe him as selfish and closed-minded.

He was convinced Jesus should die. But he didn't know how. Add to his quandary the Jewish Community needed permission from the Roman government before any execution could be carried out.

Caiaphas told the religious leaders it was better for one man to die for the people rather than the whole nation. He prophesied that Jesus would die for the nation and for the scattered children of God to bring them together and make them one. (John 11:49-53)

His usual method of operating was to remove anyone who threatened his power. After the resurrection, he didn't believe Jesus had risen from the grave. He ordered the soldiers to tell people someone had stolen the Master's body from the tomb.

Caiaphas, in all his plotting and planning, was used in God's plan.

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