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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Margaret Is Free

Our neighbor lady is free from her pain. She suffered for one decade with an ailment that doctor’s finally diagnosed in the past few months. This morning her Lord called her home. Her family will miss her terribly. She and her husband have five living children—one, a baby girl, died shortly after birth.

We have been neighbors for 33 years. We watched the younger three children grow up. We knew when the middle son got engaged. His fiancée and Margaret walked over to our house to show us the ring. We attended the second oldest son’s first wedding. They asked me to serve at their daughter’s reception. The youngest son visited them one day a few years ago; as I came out the door, headed for my car, I thought that man looked familiar. He waved and called out to me. Just like when he was a kid.

She and her husband, Earl, were more than neighbors to us. They were also friends. If we had an emergency or Jim was working on a project around our house, all he had to do was call and ask Earl for his help.

Long before she became ill, she made each new grandchild a baby quilt. She had 12 grandchildren, one of which was adopted. She loved to sew. It was her desire to make each of these precious grandchildren a youth quilt. I don’t know if she got to complete them.

In our living room hangs a quilt block she made for us one Christmas. In the center is a picture of the sculpture “End of the Trail” by James Earl Frazer. Surrounding the art work are red, off white and blue squares of fabric. On each corner of the centerpiece are metal images of two saguaro cacti and two coyotes, like images in opposite corners. I have been studying this wall hanging a lot lately, now I know why. It has become very precious to me.

She played the piano. Their children inherited the musical talent from her. Most of the five were in either orchestra or marching band. She played the piano for their church.

Her husband kept her home throughout her illness. He stood by her through this entire time. They recently celebrated 52 years of marriage.

They loved the Lord. Even when they were not involved in a church, they taught their children God’s way. Their family is a strong, close family. All four sons and the daughter attended college or a trade school. Their daughter owns her own beauty shop.

I am doing some research on the grief process for a project I want to do. I know we grieve because we love. I also know God’s word tells us to “Grieve not as one without hope.” I know Margaret’s family and her church family, and my family are grieving but with the hope we will see her again.

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  1. Cecelia,
    I just wanted to let you know how much your tribute to Mom means to me. I know that you have to know how much Mom and Dad love you and Jim. I don't remember ever visiting them that they don't mention the both of you. Thanks for being there. You are more than good friends, you are part of the family.


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