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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Judas Iscariot

He was the only non-Galilean among the disciples. His role in the band of followers was that of treasurer. He always watched out for the 'bottom line'. Some would call him an opportunist because he was always looking for ways to 'cash in' on his position and association with Jesus and the other disciples.

Judas was a covetous man—using his place as treasurer to dip into the common purse for himself. After he helped the religious leaders find and arrest Jesus, he realized the outcome of what he had done. He tried to return the money The priests didn't accept it because they considered it 'blood money'.

Judas reacted to the Priests' refusal by throwing the coins at them. He couldn't bear the guilt of what he had done. We all know Judas' outcome. We also know he could have gone to Jesus and asked forgiveness.


  1. As believers, we all mess up. How thankful I am for I John 1:9!

    Peter failed Jesus too, but found forgiveness. Lesson learned: When we fall into sin, run - do not walk - to the One who forgives.


  2. Judas must have been a tormented man long before he sold Jesus out. A man trying to live a lie.

    Oh, Lord, help me never to put myself in that position where I must try to cover my tracks as I live a lie.

    Thanks, QS, for visiting my blog. Yep, I remember that old song. Shows how long we've been around, doesn't it?


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