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Monday, April 6, 2009

The Passover Feast

The Hebrew people, by celebrating the Passover, obeyed God's command. Once a year, the children of Israel observed it because God told them to remember what He did for them when He released them from bondage in Egypt. All men over the age of 12 were required to attend the Passover Feast in Jerusalem.

The scrolls of Moses dictated when and how the festival would be observed each year. Our Lord celebrated Passover the week He went to the cross. Jesus told the disciples what would happen if He went to Jerusalem. His disciples chose to follow Him to the city. The disciples had shown concern for Jesus as He decided to Jerusalem.

During the meal, the Mastet told of His upcoming betrayal. Most of the disciples asked the same question, “Is it I, Lord?” He knew Judas would betray him and turn Him over to the soldiers and chief priests. He told Judas to,”do what you have to do.”

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