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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Helplessness and Miracles

As children of God, we sometimes feel helpless in the face of a loved one’s serious illness, or the impending death of someone close. We pray for the need and for those close to the person. We ask others to pray, begging God for another of his miracles.

Several people in our church face hard challenges as they go through each day. A couple of senior citizen ladies take care of their invalid sons. A woman in her mid '50 has been fighting Cancer for a year and a half, and is on her at least her third round of chemotherapy. Another woman faces her son's Cancer, her daughter-in- law's illness, and her husband's illness. If it weren't for the Lord,these people would feel hopeless as well as helpless.

The helplessness we feel is God telling us to let Him have the situation so he can handle the problem per His plan. In studying my Sunday School lesson recently, I found a statement telling us God performs miracles as a way to point others to Himself. But sometimes we ask for them from Him,
expecting that action to be the end of the story.

God is able to tend to any of our needs, no matter how large they may seem. That’s His job. He chooses to work with us and through us and our needs to bring glory to Himself.

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